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100% KIWI

We are proud to be 100% Kiwi owned and operated and we try to ensure that all our product give exceptional ingredients for the best value possible - No middlemen - Just plain honest quality for your money.

As of April 1st 2017 NFS has gone back to its origin of being an essential SPORT supplement supplier. So we are back to where we belong, 'our' brand with people who love it!  

NFS started in the 90's by Nevan McLeay as a premium sports brand unsurpassed for its advanced formulations.

To grow the range he joined up with us, Creative Energy Holdings Limited, a Wellington distributor and Health Shop retailer who were passionate about the brand and what it stood for - excellence. 

By 2006 we had added nutritional supplements into the range.

In late 2007 the trade mark was purchased from Nevan and the brand was then wholly owned by Creative Energy Holdings Limited.

The NFS brand was re-designed, reformulated and relaunched as a leader in Health and Sport Nutrition. However we have now decided to take a step back from manufacturing health supplements and will revert to the brand being a small essential supplement SPORT only product range.