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Tina Wild ‘a Love of Running'

In all my years, and there have been a few of them, I have never seen anyone with the dedication to running and overcoming adversity as Tina Wild...

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Does Alzheimers Disease or Dementia Concern You or Any of Your Family?

A study involving older men and women who were at risk of dementia showed that grey matter in areas that are affected by Alzheimer's disease improved among those people who supplemented with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. The findings of the trial have been published online in an article on 20th May, 2013 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences...

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Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-aging effect on cells

As NaturalNews has previously reported, omega-3s, the fatty acids found primarily in cold water fish like salmon, have a host of health benefits, including alleviating depression preventing age-related blindness and protecting against prostate cancer. And now there's evidence omega-3s may have a profound anti-aging effect, too...

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New Zealand Whey Protein Powder Guide

Check out our whey protein powder guides for hype free advice on how to choose the best whey protein for you and get the greatest benefit from your workouts.

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