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Mixing Whey Protein | How To Mix Powder without Lumps

Watch the video to see how to mix whey protein powder...

Mixing Whey Protein Powder: if you’re sick of gagging on disgusting tasting whey protein shakes then you are in the right place.

I’ll show you how to mix your protein powder quickly and easily, and a number of options for making it taste as good as something you would order in your favourite restaurant.

You wouldn’t think too much can go wrong simply by adding a couple of spoonfuls of powder to a glass of your favourite fluid and stirring it with a spoon.
But what should be a straight forward process can turn out to be a mini disaster.

Watch the video above for my recommendations for mixing your whey protein. Your results may vary a little between brands due to differing ingredients but overall these recommendations should apply.

CHEERS! There you have it. A great way to drink Whey without the lumps!

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